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Blog tips

by katj | April 4, 2014 | posted in Test | 1 Comment

  • Create a new Standard Page and choose the template to Blog List from the option of the right-hand side.
  • Enter the title for the blog into the page heading field.
  • Enter and managed posts via the Posts section (left-hand nav).
  • Should the blog entry extend over more than a few lines, the full post can be viewed by clicking the post heading, which displays a page with the full entry.
  • Add Categories for posts in the right side so that entries can be filtered by specific topics using the pop-up menu in the left hand nav of the blog page on the site.
  • Use the Publish options on the right-hand side of the Post page to set the date for the post (either to be scheduled in the future or back dated if required).
  • Comments made against posts can been seen on the posts list or by going to the Comments section on the left.

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