From Bioinformatics to Clinical Validation: Advance the Neoantigen Story & Achieve Potent Tumorigenic Immune Responses from Vaccine & Immunotherapies

October 24-26, 2022 | Boston, MA

Supercharging Individualized Vaccine & Cell Based Immunotherapies!

Returning for the 7th year, the Neoantigen-Based Therapies Summit remains your comprehensive guide to transforming the clinical development of cell and vaccine based neoantigen therapies.

New for 2022, take advantage of 3-days packed with carefully curated content showcasing:

    • Conference Day 1
        • Examining Meaningful Methods to Target Neoantigens for Accelerated Field Developments
        • Testing the Validity of Bioinformatics & AI to Select the Right Neoantigens
        • Assessing Immune Biomarkers in Tumor Microenvironments to Provide Predictive Responses
        • Utilizing Learnings from Novel Clinical Data Around Neoantigen Targeted Therapies
    • Conference Day 2
        • Novel Methods for Successful Neoantigen Identification & Real-World Application
        • Diving into the Second Wave of Immune Response Successes in Trials
        • Combinations with Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors to Enhance Vaccine Effects
        • Comparing Platform Approaches to Challenge Our Understanding & Decision Making

And don’t miss out on our indispensable workshop day designed to enable you to capitalize Commercializing Neoantigens: Uniting Neoantigen & Cancer Vaccines to Compete with Other Treatments for Patients and much more to equip your team with the lessons learned to achieve success in cancer vaccines from neoantigen targeting through to commercialization!

"The Neoantigen Summit is the focal point for updates in the cancer neoantigen vaccine field and should be attended by everybody with a keen interest in the field."

"Great opportunity to learn how to develop and accelerate neoantigen related products not only from speakers but also participants and partners."
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2022's World Class Speakers