Join the Exploding Neoantigen-Based Therapeutics Community

2019 is the year of the neoantigen as all eyes watch this explosive field with more than two dozen ongoing Phase 1 and Phase 2 trials using different vaccine platforms as well as next generation cancer immunotherapies turning to neoantigens to revolutionize tumor targeting.

Encapsulating the exciting developments in this space, the NeoAg Summit is your comprehensive guide dedicated to ensuring improved target identification, accelerated clinical translation and effectively scaled out manufacturing to ensure the clinical and commercial development of truly individualized neoantigen-based vaccines and cellular therapies.

Despite their personalized advantage, there are still many questions the field needs to tackle together to ensure these therapies are clinically effect.

Join the NeoAg Summit this November to gain clarity and create solutions to the following:

  • How to generate clinically relevant targets?

Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy and Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai will outline the key features of neoepitope prediction by analyzing specific features which are associated with T cell responses

  • What delivery platforms will maximize immunogenicity?

Review the platform of Immunetune, Nouscom and many more to understand how the different vaccine platform approaches effect the potency of a T cell response

  • How to reduce needle-to-needle time?

Vaccibody, Kite and Vaximm will share experience in overcoming the game changing regulatory environment by outlining the manufacturing platform for plasmid DNA platform, discussing the need to streamline logistics to improve the cost of development

Join this exclusive community to tackle together the greatest challenges limiting prediction, clinical, scale and regulatory challenges that is limiting the clinical advancement of your pipeline.

For more details about the program, speaker faculty or pricing and discounts, download the brochure.   

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