Welcome to the 7th Neoantigen Based Therapies Summit 2022

Join the Neoantigen Based Therapies Summit to connect with the pioneers of the neoantigen field setting a trailblazing fire to the immunotherapy industry as they gather in-person to discuss what the optimal control, clinical and combination trial designs should look like, and explore how we can manufacture effectively and scale both shared and personalized neoantigen based therapies.

Watch and be part of history, as this highly valued field advances more reproducible and effective methods to identify, predict, validate, and manufacture efficacious neoantigen based individualized therapies at the industry exclusive antigen discovery and therapeutic development conference supporting the world of immunotherapy.

Key discussions you can't afford to miss include:

NeoAg numbers

Navigate meaningful methods for neoantigen targeting to accelerate field development with Beacon Targeted Therapies and ErVaccine Technologies

NeoAg numbers (1)

Explore the latest clinical trial case studies through utilizing combination therapies to maximize to maximize antitumor immune activity with Geneos Therapeutics, Gritstone bio and Evaxion

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Overcome uncertainty in neoantigen selection by utilizing AI powered bioinformatics with Achilles and Lumanity

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Assess vaccine effects with the use of immune checkpoint inhibitors to produce successful cancer cures with Immunetune, PDC*line Pharma and Precision Biologics

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Gain novel insights into commercializing neoantigens by uniting cancer vaccines with Lumanity and EpiVax

“The relevance of neoantigens in the clinical efficacy of immunotherapy is beyond doubt. However, several fundamental and practical questions remain unanswered, and this meeting is an opportunity to discuss these issues with experts of the field.”
Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research