Welcome to the 6th Neoantigen Based Therapies Summit 2021

The neoantigen field is re-energized and back with a bang, as the community is doubling down on its efforts focusing on cell-based approaches and realizing the potential of a new and novel class of shared neoantigens.

Join the Neoantigen Based Therapies Summit to connect with the pioneers of the neoantigen field setting a trailblazing fire to the immunotherapy industry as they gather online to discuss what the optimal control, clinical and combination trial designs should look like, and explore how we can manufacture effectively and at scale both shared and personalized neoantigen based therapies.

Key discussions you can’t afford to miss, include:

NeoAg numbers

Maximize identification of novel meaningful neoantigens and neoepitopes to induce stronger anti-tumor immune responses with Valo Therapeutics, Evaxion Biotech and Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

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Overcome tumor resistance mechanisms by harnessing the power of novel neoantigen sources with Medigene, Frame Cancer Therapeutics, Genocea and GreyWolf Therapeutics

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Explore the latest clinical trial case studies to show safety, immunogenicity and efficacy of personalized neoantigen vaccines with Gritstone Bio, Geneos Therapeutics and Treos Bio

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Harness the power of shared neoantigens to accelerate clinical development of off-the-shelf neoantigen immunotherapy with Advaxis, PDC Line Pharma, Gritstone Bio and University of Miami

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Enhance clinical efficacy through establishing an adjuvant approach with Immuniucm and BioNTech and review applications of vaccine platforms beyond oncology with Valo Therapeutics and Vaccibody

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