Join the Exploding Neoantigen-Based Therapeutics Community

As the neoantigen space continues to evolve and mature, there are emerging challenges that have exposed the complexities of creating a truly individualized therapy that can target cancers.

The Neoantigen Based Therapies Summit is the leading end-to-end meeting dedicated to delivering the promise of accurate identification, prediction and validation of neoantigens to develop highly efficacious vaccines and cell therapies.


Top 5 reasons to attend:

NeoAg numbers

Optimize novel neoantigen identification and prediction approaches with Genentech, Evaxion and Genocea to drive development of neoantigen based cancer therapeutics

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Drive prediction accuracy through exploring and understanding the pros and cons of different neoantigen sources with Precision Biologics and Ervaxx

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Generate stronger T cell responses and maximize immunogenicity with Gritstone Oncology and Treos Bio

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Analyze and explore how neoantigens are being implemented into T cell therapies and cancer vaccines by delving into the clinical progress with Neon Therapeutics and Vaccibody

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Reduce needle to needle time and overcome complex manufacturing challenges with Achilles Therapeutics, Vaximm and ISA Therapeutics

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What to Expect From a Digital Event


5+ Hours of Content


2+ Hours of Networking


2 Hours of Live Q&A


Content Available Post-Event

Our new, virtual platform will allow you to access high-quality content and networking opportunities live and direct from your home:

  • Tune into live presentations from our expert speakers, including Agnete FredriksenAndrew Allen and Peter Joyce
  • Engage with your peers in a facilitated speed networking session
  • Establish connections with speakers and attendees through private and public chatrooms, including video calling for 121 private conversations
  • Save each session to your personal calendar to ensure you don’t miss a particular presentation
  • Set up a personalized profile and engage with speakers and attendees with similar interests or particular areas of expertise

We will be using Hopin, an online events platform, to deliver this event digitally in addition to the physical event. Click below to take a closer look at the platform and see what you can expect on the day: