Optimizing Cell Based Neoantigen Targeted Cancer Immunotherapies
- Bootcamp Day -
Tuesday, November 03

BOOTCAMP - 09:00 - 15:00

Times shown are in EST

Attendees will learn and discuss:


 Identifying the best targets for cancer vaccination


The challenges of checkpoint inhibitors and the mechanism by which tumors can evade this immunotherapy


Development of allogeneic artificial antigen presenting cell (aAPC) Red Cell Therapeutic


Evading T Cell exhaustion to maximize immunogenicit


Overcoming manufacturing challenges to develop scalable TCR therapies

9:00 am Unravelling the Challenges of Checkpoint Inhibitors: The ATLAS™ Bioassay Method for Identification of Neoantigens & Inhibigens™

9:30 am Development of Allogeneic Artificial Antigen Presenting Cell (aAPC) Red Cell Therapeutics For Use With Loadable Neoantigens

  • Thomas Wickham Senior Vice President, Discovery, Rubius Therapeutics

10:00 am Morning Refreshments & Speed Networking

11:00 am Overcoming Immunosuppression in the Solid Tumor Microenvironment

11:30 am Roundtable Discussions

12:30 pm Lunch

1:30 pm Beyond Predicting CD8 & CD4 Neo-epitopes: Self-like vs. Non-self Neo-epitopes. Applications for Cancer Precision Immunotherapies & Cancer Biomarkers

2:00 pm Scaling up Safe & Efficacious TCR Therapies Using the Sleeping Beauty Platform

2:30 pm Discussion Summary & Take-Home Messages

3:00 pm End of Cell Therapy Bootcamp

Bootcamp Day Leaders

Jessica Flechtner

Jessica Flechtner




Thomas Wickham

Senior Vice President,

 Discovery Rubius Therapeutics


Ingunn Stromnes 

Assistant Professor

University of Minnesota

Guilhem Richard

Guilhem Richard 

Lead Computational Immunologist 

EpiVax Oncology


Laurence Cooper


Ziopharm Oncology