Manufacturing Bootcamp Day
Tuesday, October 26

BOOTCAMP - 09:45am- 01:50pm

Times shown are in EST

Addressing Manufacturing Challenges to Decrease Process & Release Times for Neoantigen Therapeutic Development

9:45 am Opening Remarks

10:30 am Break Out Audience Discussion

10:50 am Panel Discussion: Examining the Impact of the Pandemic on Global Supply Chain to Gain Insight Into Next Strategy Steps


• Exploring how companies have handled the low availability of raw materials (DNA vectors/ viral vectors) due to priority of Covid-19 for manufacturers
• Assessing the best strategy to deal with the logistical manufacturing issues that have arisen due to the pandemic
• Providing insight into different bio-manufacturing timelines, clinical readiness and capacity post-pandemic

11:20 am Morning Break & Group Networking

11:50 am Stability Tests to Monitor the Shelf Life Of Monoclonal Antibodies Employed in Cancer Immunotherapy


• Stability tests performed to evaluate the integrity of the drug (such as PH, osmolarity, HPLC), the stability of the molecule over the time (such as integrity of heavy chain or light chain of the monoclonal antibody), the sterility of the bottle (such as endotoxin test, appearance of the solution)
• Tests performed to evaluate the maintenance of the binding of monoclonal antibodies to their target antigens (ELISA) and to evaluate the stability of the activity of monoclonal antibodies against tumor cells (ADCC assay).

12:20 pm Break Out Audience Discussion

12:40 pm Roundtable Discussion: Prioritizing Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the Neoantigen Field

1:40 pm Take Home Messages & Closing Remarks

1:50 pm End of Bootcamp Day