Expert Speakers

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Sari Pesonen

Chief Scientific Officer

Valo Therapeutics

Jan Meulen

Chief Scientific Officer

Obsidian Therapeutics

Stefan Scherer headshot

Stefan Scherer

Chief Executive Officer

3T Biosciences

Jian Yan headshot

Jian Yan

Vice President, Research & Discovery

Geneos Therapeutics

Ramon Tiu headshot

Ramon Tiu

Head Of Oncology Cell Therapy Development


Heinz Lubenau headshot

Heinz Lubenau

Chief Drug Development Officer

NEC OncoImmunity

Christopher Gallen headshot

Christopher Gallen

Executive Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Treos Bio

Sandra Gabelli headshot

Sandra Gabelli

Executive Director - Structural Chemistry


Wigard Kloosterman headshot

Wigard Kloosterman

Senior Director Cancer Antigen Discovery & Validation

CureVac Netherlands

Agnete Fredriksen headshot

Agnete Fredriksen

Chief Innovation & Strategy Officer

Nykode Therapeutics

Eli Gilboa headshot

Eli Gilboa

Professor - Microbiology & Immunology, School of Medicine

University of Miami

Elisa Scarselli headshot

Elisa Scarselli

Chief Scientific Officer


Eric Halioua headshot

Eric Halioua

President & Chief Executive Officer

PDC*line Pharma

Guilhem Richard headshot

Guilhem Richard

Chief Technology Officer

EpiVax Therapeutics

Jeffrey Bockman headshot

Jeff Bockman

Executive Vice President & Head of Oncology


Jens Kringelum headshot

Jens Kringelum

Director Genomic Immuno-Oncology


Jeroen van Bergen headshot

Jeroen van Bergen

Chief Scientific Officer


Joel Sandler headshot

Joel Sandler

Principal Cancer Cell Therapy Lead


Kaïdre Bendjama headshot

Kaïdre Bendjama

Project Leader - Personalized Cancer Vaccines


Gritstone headshot logo

Matt Davis

Director of NGS

Gritstone bio

Niranjan Sardesai headshot

Niranjan Sardesai

Co-Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer

Geneos Therapeutics

Muna Abdullahi headshot

Muna Abdullahi

Research Analyst

Beacon Targeted Therapies

Paola Bonaventura headshot

Paola Bonaventura

Project Leader Oncoimmunology

ErVaccine Technologies

Karin Jooss headshot

Karin Jooss

Head of Research & Development

Gritstone bio

Nicole Ruggiero headshot

Nicole Ruggiero

Chief Executive Officer

EpiVax Therapeutics

Philip Arlen headshot

Philip Arlen

President & Chief Executive Officer

Precision Biologics

Sergio Quezada headshot

Sergio Quezada

Chief Scientific Officer