Pre-Conference Workshop Day

Monday, October 24 | Boston, MA

Workshop A

9:00 am Commercializing Neoantigens: Uniting Neoantigen & Cancer Vaccines to Compete with Other Treatments for Patients


Take part in the broader discussion on neoantigens in the context of a broader consideration of where cancer vaccines are headed. Join the leading discussion on how vaccines can outperform other treatment options and immuno-oncology modalities. Get ahead of the curve and see how far the field has progressed in terms of translating great ideas into clinical reality.
  • Outperforming other therapies and treatment options by translating great ideas into clinical realities
  • Testing potency is not available for individualized products – how can this be solved for more off the shelf products?
  • Reflecting nuances in shared vs. individualized vs. cell therapy neoantigens

Workshop Leaders:

12:00 pm Lunch & Networking

Workshop B

1:00 pm Investing & Funding in Neoantigens: Navigating Connections Withing the Landscape


Discussing the developments of partnerships within the neoantigen community, specifically learning what is applicable to the companies and
audience that are not partnered yet or seeking to find new opportunities. Take advantage of this session to learn of the successful pairings and challenge your own networking strategy.

  • Learning how partnerships between industry bodies occur and what new companies in the field can take away from successful experiences
  • Targeting biotech and pharma companies in understanding what they look for when forming partnerships within the community
  • Manufacturing and developing process for individualized therapies to bring therapies into a reality

Workshop Leaders: