14-16 November 2018


The NeoAg Summit (formerly Neoantigen Summit) is the 3rd annual industry focused meeting dedicated to advancing neoantigen based cancer vaccines and cell therapies. Our aim is to bring together the pioneers supercharging next generation immunotherapies to accelerate safe, effective and scalable neoantigen-based therapies.

As neoantigen selection platforms improve year on year, the challenges on generating potent immune response are top priorities to overcome. Manufacturing processes need to be streamlined and regulatory landscapes better understood. It is imperative that we can come together to exchange ideas to overcome the hurdles to getting the best immunotherapies to patients in need.

To expand the scope of the meeting, while remaining relevant for every attendee in a short period of 3 days, this year’s summit will include 2 workshops and includes 2 parallel tracks, 2 workshops and 1 bootcamp workshop of presentations on Prediction & Discovery; Clinical Development & Manufacturing. Move freely between two tracks and choose the talks that provide you with the most value.

Join us to be a part of the only dedicated end-to-end neoantigen summit as the industry progresses further than ever before!


"This is a unique opportunity to bring a focused group together to discuss the success and challenges that lie ahead in this field which is exciting."


"The best meeting I have found that focuses on neoantigens specifically."

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